Board Portal Software

Board portal software is an online tool to manage the people and processes that plan, document and regulate meetings between the board of directors as well as its management team. It allows secure remote access to materials for meetings via any device connected to the internet. Board members can sign in using any mobile or web-based browser from their iPhone, iPad, or any other tablet. They can now access documents as well as meetings on the devices they use the most for work or pleasure.

The benefits of a board portal are decreasing the use of paper, increasing director engagement and providing secure online collaboration tools that help to enhance the effectiveness of the governance process. It also allows you to save time and money by replacing expensive printing, shipping and emailing of physical materials. A good portal for boards allows administrators to create permissions and establish one source of truth for all information. This increases transparency and accountability.

The selection of the right board portal software requires a careful analysis of the capabilities that will be most beneficial to your organisation. Look for a software program that has high ratings and lots of positive reviews on independent review sites like Capterra and G2.

Modern board portals provide an extensive set of security and collaboration tools that are easy to use for administrators, but can be extremely beneficial for boards. Board portals let directors comment on documents and other files in real time and simultaneously, without having to sort through attachments and emails that are easily lost or confused. This makes it easier to prepare for meetings and participate in them and ensures that board members have the most up to current versions of documents when traveling across continents or countries.

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